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Thread: Norovirus

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    the night before last i went to a local italien resturant and it was loverly in there, i enjoyed myself - i never ever go out for meals. but before i went out i saw an article in the local paper letting everyone in my town be aware that the norovirus is about now, its hit the hospital and just to be careful. so obviously my mind was racing whilst in the restaurant wether these people have actually washed their hands and this and that! im not ill, but i keep (i think) making myself have stomach ache and feelling sick from worry about getting this norovirus. i was just wondering, i know incubation time for this virus is from 12-48 really, and its been over 24 hours now, what i need is just reassurance telling me id definatly no doubt be ill by now, no little ache or pain, it would be the full thing, wouldnt it? :blink:
    sorry... please reply i need to xmas shop but im too scared to go out the house until i know if im actually ok <_<

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    from what i know of that virus, when it hits, it hits full force. it doesn't sneak up slowly. hth

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    Hi cure me,

    I have emetophobia. from my experience we dont usually contract bugs.
    I'm sure you'll be fine.
    I was on a bus on wed & a lady told me her friend as had the norovirus, I panicked but it soon passed.
    If there wasnt anyone with the virus near you then, ther shouldnt be anything for u to worry about

    tc love amy xx

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    ps feel free to chat to me anytime



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