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    I'm new here and I'm struggling with emetophobia. But, even as i struggle i have alot of ways to help cope with emetophobia so that most of you if you use these tools can can be helped out greatly.

    1. in a calm state of mind, usually after you've had a bad panic attack, get a notepad or a piece of paper and write down the time and date and a description of your last panic attack. rate your panic attack from 1-10 10 being the worst and write down what helped you to calm down. this is essential as it helps your mind understand better on how to get rid of your panic attacks. try to record as many panic attacks as you can.

    2. when you feel a panic attack approaching, you need to rationalize your thoughts. as in, this could be what your thinking when a panic attack is approaching "oh no, my stomach hurts, I'm dizzy, i think I'm nauseous, what if i throw up" you need to ask yourself, "well, did i eat anything that would make me throw up today? no. have i been around anybody sick? no. and even if I'm feeling dizzy or maybe my stomach hurts i know that it's all in my head" rationalizing your thoughts is a huge step in overcoming panic attacks, you need to understand that you have been through the same thing before and you always come out fine. nothing bad has ever happened.

    3. when in a full blown panic attack you need to ask yourself, what's the worst that could happen to me. the hardest thing for me to do but it will help you get better is say, well the worst thing that could happen is that i get sick, but, so what. maybe it will be gross, it will feel gross coming out, and it will leave a bad taste in my mouth but thats it. although, i know I'm not going to get sick that is the worst thats going to happen to me. this is the hardest step and i have not even gotten there yet but it is also essential. when in a full blown panic attack if this step is too overwhelming then use step 2. it will get you out of your panic attack but step 3 is more for overcoming your fear. when you feel that you are ready use this step.

    Once you have gotten out of your panic attack use step one. nobody ever said overcoming/coping with emetophobia and or all phobias would be easy but these tools will help you greatly to get out of it so you will be able to enjoy life normally. i wish you all good luck and i hope this helps some people.

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    Great read I might try it myself.Thanks



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