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Thread: Thanks jk

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    Hiya Dino

    Good to see your ok after eating that sandwich !!!!

    As you know Dino rarely even leave the house I'm happy to stay in my safety zone which is home, I'm ok now with my own company now, a few years ago I couldn't be left alone so I'm glad that has passed for me.

    So it can be up to months that I don't even leave the house I spend alot of time in my garden I feel safe in there too. I should get back into going for short walks again did me really good the last time I left the house,


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    I do get tired spurts and am always convinced that I'm pregnant, or something is wrong.

    I go to a new therapist tomorrow and HA and OCD are going to be the two things I really talk to her about. I'm tired of feeling chained ot the house because I can't get over my fear from germs!

    Anyways, I'll let you know how it goes!!!! Hang in there :P




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