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Thread: Emetophobia

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    Anyone else with emetophobia ? please feel free to post me!!

    amy xxx

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    Mee.. oh yes and it skyrockets my HA into the ROOF! I hate food. It is the ENEMY!

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    Hi scaredkitten
    me too I HATE food tis my enemey too. I avoid certain foods altogether.
    how long have u had this phobia scaredkitten?
    I've had it for over 35 years GEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ hard work.

    hope to chat again soon
    amy xx

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    Re: Emetophobia

    ive had this for seven years and freak out all the time when i know that someone has a bug i get panicked and my anxiety levels hit the roof the only thing that helps me is a cold fan on my face you are not alone

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    Re: Emetophobia

    I have always hated vomiting, as I used to do it every now and again as a kid, and there seemed to be no reason for it, I would just get sick for no reason that I could figure out. the fact that I would get sick out of the blue made it all the more scary. Although I always dreaded vomiting, I didn`t get to be really emetophobic until a bad experience with alchohol in the new year of 1997. Nowadays, if I hear about cases of the norovirus going around, I start to feel jittery, & then I imagine that every gurgle in my stomach is a sign that I`m getting sick, although I haven`t had a stomach bug since I was 17. I don`t dink much alchohol now, & I will always stop If I think I`m getting too tipsy. I also hate the amount of vomiting that`s on tv nowadays, it`s so unnecessary.

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    Re: Emetophobia

    I developed this phobia when I was in elementary school, maybe 8 or 9 years old. Dealt with it for many, many years. Sometimes it wouldn't be so bad, other times it was just awful. The worst was in my late 30s, when the fear came to completely dominate my life. I only had a few foods I considered safe, and I was just freaked out all the time. That episode ended with the right medication (an SSRI). I'd say I'm still a little more sensitive on this issue than the average person, but I just want to say, it is possible to find yourself on the other side of a phobia that used to rule your every waking thought. I was afraid to have children because I knew they'd eventually puke, and that would be the end of me, but I have nursed them through bouts of stomach bugs, cleaned them up and reassured them and held them close even though I was terrified that they were swarming with bugs that would transfer to me. It's practically an out of body experience! I'm thinking, "Is this really me?" It is.



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