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    hey didnt really know where to write this but here it is for anyone who wants a read.......
    now on my 4th cbt session, getting homework....god feels like being back at school lol, like today i had to see if i could order and eat a medium steak, which sounds like nothing, i know, people do it every single day, but with my phobia and everything i have the bad habit of incinerating all my food, pretty much, to avoid getting ill,

    anyway so today i ate a whole 10 oz medium steak, and i cant remember the last time i was so proud of myself, woo hoo, but had no one to "celebrate" being normal with so i thought i would tell you all

    it is going well, and yeah sometimes as some of u told me, it is difficult having to challenge my (what has now become) natural response to certain situations and events, and trying to fight against the urges to flee "difficult" or triggering situations but i am so determined to see this through and see where it takes me.....im not saying its going to cure me but i am hoping i will end up in a happier place , i can see myself doing things that even a fortnight ago i would never consider, so i feel so thankful for all you guys' suport when i was building up the courage to tell my doc about my phobia.......so so so glad i bit the bullet and went for it

    so thanks all of you, and anyone else having cbt, i hope it all goes fabulously for you

    love natalie xxxxx

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    Natc I am so pleased for you. I was reading your post with a big grin on my face. What a great feeling it is to accomplish something big like this. I am sure that you are very proud of yourself and I hope that you have given yourself a big pat on the back.

    Keep it up. There will be times when you fall back a few step and think that you have failed but you haven't. Just get back on the track and keep going and I swear that by this time next year you will have moved mountains!!!!!

    WAY TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO natc!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Margo x



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