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    I've started reading a book called "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle (my last therapist recommended it). It's much about forgetting the pain of the past and the worrying of the future, and living in the "now".
    Eckhart Tolle had anxiety and depressive thoughts until one night when he was 29 and got a sort of "revelation", since then he got rid of the bad thoughts, have become a spiritual guide, though I regard him more as a philosopher, with an interesting take on how to think and be more aware in the present, and feel better.
    I haven't read it all but might write a short review when I'm done, otherwise there is the big web to explore more about the book.


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    Probably the Best book I have ever read on that topic.
    Actually I bought the cassette version and then gave that to a friend.
    I am taking a Raga Yoga Course which is basically meditation and how to channel thoughts.

    What we are learning is that we can think about whatever we want whenever we want.

    Takes practice
    With the Birds I'll Share this Lonely View

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    Ive always had trouble living in the now its always thinking of the future and how if I just get through blank amount of days everything will be just perfect because of blank.Ive tried before but its always really hard the slight moments in wich I do live in the now brings great joy how ever.

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    Great book!!! Slender, if you are really interested in this, you will probably love the benefits of meditation.

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    It helped me a lot especially the audio books. You can keep listening to it all day.

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    Never read it but completely agree with the message behind it!



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