Treat all other members with respect at all times on the forum,

Do NOT insult, deliberate offend, disrespect, hurt, threaten, harass, abuse or bully anyone on this forum.

Do not bring or drag arguments/conflicts of a personal nature into the forum. If you have a problem with another member, please keep it away from the forum.

If you should choose to leave our forum in the future, We are under no obligation to remove posts from our forum because each user voluntarily posts content on our forum.

We will be happy for you to remove any identifying characteristics, such as your signature and profile info and personal information, We will also change your username.

We do not allow total deletion of all posts from a member wishing to leave the forum, This is to keep the structure of threads on our forum, So please remember this before posting.

The rules are there because we want to keep the structure of the forum,

This only really applies to people wishing to leave the forum and asking for every single post they have made to be deleted, Again the reason is that we want to keep the structure of the forum.

Thank you.