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    I go to a Community College and in a few weeks. There is an assignment do and there is now way that I can do it. I don't know what to do, I appreciate any help. The assignment is to compare to different computer related objects. Here is the problem. I have to get in front of the class and give a 15 minute speech on it. I have done a 5 minute speech in the past (with notes) and I was sick the week before and a few days after. I just can't do it. It is 10% of the final grade for the class so it is a major thing. I thought maybe I could go to one of the counselors at the school tomorrow, and see what they say. I know they can't do anything for me but I don't know what to do. I can talk to the instructor, which I will have to do anyways, but he is very strict and I just know he will just fail me. I can do a 6 to 8 page report or something if he let me. I just say that because I'm not trying to get out of doing any work. I just can't get in front of people. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    hopefully the counsilor can help. i know they make allowances for most disabilities. i knew a girl who was actually going to be allowed a 4 year degree with NO math due to a learning disablility. if you have documented social phobia they should be able to work with you on it. hope this helps

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    Standing up in front of ppl and giving speeches/presentations can be a scary thing.

    Would you be comfortable just giving the speech in front of your tutor? They may make allowances for that and it would help you feel more comfortable. There is no harm in asking.

    Let us know how you got on with the councellor.

    Meg xxx

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    Yeah good idea, just give the speech to your tutor if ur allowed

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    I was like that but believe it or not Ilove it now.

    Hints, don't read a speech, just bullet points and know your topic inside and out.
    Get to the venue early and meet the people and become acquainted with them. Then it is like talking to people you know.
    Hope that helps.
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