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Thread: OMG

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    hi Debbie

    For a few weeks I've had a bad smell in my kitchen thought it was my drain with all the wet weather! my yard is wet through.
    Over the weekend it went worse awful smell like s**t & as you can guess it hasnt done my emets any favours.
    It turns out that next door to me they have a puppy & it s**ts in the yard, their yard wall is cracked & thats where the wet & smell has come from! OMG I've been well panicking thinking i'll be sick & thinking I'll get contaninated, I lead in bed this morning panicking, shaking I was terrified! I feel pathetic. How stupid am I for being scared of a smell?
    I had a massive panic attack on the phone to my dad.
    I CANT STAND dirt & germs.

    anyway on a better note the environment have been up & cleaned everything up in next doors yard & the smell as gone. I still fear it coming back though.

    well enough of me
    how are you good I hope?

    thanks for listening
    Judith xxxx

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    that story about the bus is DISGUSTING! Why would anyone in their right mind poo on a bus or anywhere in public for that matter? I don't even poop in anyone's toilet other than my own and public toilets, well. . . If I am desperate I just hover, NEVER sitting on the seat. Never have done, not even as a child. Hate germs which is odd as we have a 2 yr old daughter and ahe makes a right mess!!! I s'pose I don't mind as I know the house is clean as I do the housework lol. If I was on the bus I'd have jumped off and been in a right state. I got on a train once (4 yrs ago) and it was from London waterloo going all the way to Gillingham in Kent, it was the last train on a friday night and someone had puked. It stank. I had no choice but to stay on, else I'd have been stranded on waterloo station, and anyone who knows London will know that waterloo is not a safe place to be at any time, let alone late fri night! Reading about how you both developed your phobias after seeing your mothers reaction to sick really scared me as I dont react very well when my daughter vomits. I can't help it I just can't deal with it. What if I make her emetophobic? I feel so guilty
    panic at the disco! lol



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