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    west yorks, uk
    I envy your pins dino lol. Your posts always make me laugh, you are the site's comedian and ya sure brighten ma crummy days! :P
    panic at the disco! lol

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    Nov 2007
    lmao Dino you do make me laugh thank you hun xx

    Luv Vicky xxx

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    always new you was a hottie dino but i aint coming near you with that gun lol ps ive been trying to lip read you but cant make out what your saying........you dont seem to be swearing strange ....pmsl luv snipes

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    Derek !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a lovely suprise to get seeing you back on the forum ,how to hell are you ? I hope you are well and heres me wishing you a very merry christmas from me .bless your heart derek ((((((HUGS )))))))

    Jade pmsl quote;you are the site's comedian :lol: How i've no been banned is a miracle but i am glad i cheer you up :P ((((((hugs)))))))))

    Vicky i hope all went well yesterday with your doc catch you later in chat and chin up ((((((((hugs))))))))))))

    Last but no least Sniper me swear how very dare you bleep bleep bleep haha you learnt me by showing me that postman pat video :lol: i hope you are well snipes thank you for always being you ((((((hugs)))))))))

    to you all
    love Dino



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