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    Saw this on the listings tonight. Series on specific phobias.

    Tonight it was snakes and fish. Didn't get a chance to watch it so not sure how good/bad it was. I will keep an eye, to see which phobias come up each week.

    BBC Three - Tuesdays - (9pm, I think)

    Just found some more info on it


    *Warning - the home page has a big picture of a spider on! Page above is ok*

    Next week is Episode Three - see below for phobias covered.

    Episode 3
    Cockroaches and buttons

    Episode 4
    Spiders and lifts

    Episode 5
    Vomit and birds

    Episode 6
    Wasps and spiders

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    hi x i watched this weeks and last weeks. They werent that great! I thought it focused too much on watching people squirm!
    Last week was on frogs and cats... basically its a bit like cbt, exposure therapy is what theyre doing.
    I dunno about most other people with phobias, but i dont fancy being locked in a room with my phobia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx fudge xx

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    Yeah it seemed like quite a scary method of treatment! I'm interested in seeing episode five though, as that deals with my phobia (the V word!). It'll probably be scary though...
    SLC in chat.

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    I keep missing them

    Even though Panic Room - Phobias, BBC Three, Have asked us for people who would like to star in the programme,

    I'm not sure I'll be able to watch the "V" one though, My worst nightmare lol


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    I've watched a couple of these now. I think the 'panic room' itself may be a little OTT but is still quite interesting to watch.

    OMG this week - the button phobia!!! That is me!! I couldn't believe it!!

    I am proper scared of buttons, always have been. I definitely don't own any clothes w/ them on and really hate looking at them.

    I had my eyes closed throughout most of that program!! I thought it was just me who was weird!!

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    Hi Sarah & jk

    I couldnt watch episode 5 the vomit one. I have emetophobia & I couldnt for the life in me watch it!
    That woman was really brave. It was quite disgusting watching someone vomit so violently!!


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    I would HATE to be put in a room with my phobia!!!



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