hi, have c-ptsd symptoms, chronic severe depression, anxiety, OCD, phobias i didnt know had labels until i came to this website. and two chronic pain health issues. oh joy!
am i trying to beat a record here for the most problems? honestly!
sometimes i wonder if i am a hypochondriac... its all driving me bonkers, really! so tired.
speaking of tired. stupid nightmares and terrors. just stupid! so tired of them.
how can i expect to cope with the the triggers of the day, if i am not getting proper sleep?
it would be great if i could tolerate medications for all this stuff...struggle to get (30) 500 mg vicodin per month.
dr. will give me valium but i dont want to become addicted...help it. so i only take half of one, rarely.

i get loopy and knocked over from taking my vitamin D... 50,000 units, sure ok but still, a vitamin ? does me in? wow.
interesting.... i dont seem to have a problem with medications that are considered narcotics....are you kidding me?! this is just nuts. oh right. yep. thats why i joined. brilliant.

i am just venting here cause i am in a different country visiting my bf/fiance and all i want to do is to be back home, hiding away by myself so that i dont depress him or anyone around me. i play if off as much as i can but its really taking its toll. sometimes i just dont care and thats prolly sad for him. it certainly is for me.

i dont know where to start. depressed from having triggers galore...thinking of self harm at times. never did that ...why on earth am i thinking of that? dont i have enough problems and issues? oh please save me from myself. i suppose getting some decent rest, proper sleep is in order. but how? valium? really? that cant be right.

sorry to have gone round the bend with this post...but, I connected with C-PTSD...as if....what? PTSD isnt complex enough? i just needed a safe place to vent so i can manage the rest of the day...a way to get it off my chest i guess.

i wonder if i will look in on this post to see if anyone has any advice or more stories i may gleen from....hope so.

take care all.... i know its sometimes impossible to fathom, but do try to be good to yourselves. i get it.