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  1. Hey Kloey, my names Jess I'm 19. I have anxiety...

    Hey Kloey, my names Jess I'm 19.
    I have anxiety that results in stomach aches also.
    They were getting so bad that I would end up in tears,
    just hoping to god they would go away.
    My friends and...
  2. You can do anything once you set your mind to it.

    Before two days ago I hadn't been out of the house for months.
    I hadn't seen friends or even gone to the grocery store.
    Two days ago I realized how incredibly fed up I am with my
    anxiety and that...
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    congratulations!! I absolutely love that feeling!...

    congratulations!! I absolutely love that feeling! I'm going out for a dinner with one of my friends tomorrow night and I'm incredibly anxious about it! Haven't been out with a friend in about 2...
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    I'm Jess, 19 and suffer from anxiety.

    As the title says, I'm 19 and obviously suffer from an anxiety disorder.
    I've been suffering from 5 years now.
    At first I had no idea what was going on or what was wrong.
    After about 2 years...
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