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11-25-2006, 12:49 PM
Hi all,
Nice to be here!
Well i did a search but did not find anything about the use of inderal and i just wanted to share a few things.
I am afraid of meds, but i also suffer from severe public speaking fesar. I recently discovered the use of inderal and used it a couple of times. Well the effects varied. I mean, once took it an hour before the presentation, and felt really nice and calm. But anouther time, the anticipating anxiety drove me crazy. I mean i was to perform say at nine a.m. and starting from 8 i felt really terrible. my neck was swollen like i needed to vomit, i felt the panic of fight or flight but i was praying for the pill to work so i insisted and performed really nicely.
the matter is that noone notices how bad i feels and they all keep on applauding and saying how talented speaker i am. this really makes me crazy!!!
But thinking that i have to do it again, and go through all those symptoms make me crazy. I wish they disappeared. I have the 40mg pills and i get one say an hour or an hour and a half before the presentation.
I would like to know what ese can i do fto vercome this? I do not want o get into the world of benzos and antideprezants. I am so afraid of the addiction factor. Anyone has the same story?