View Full Version : Reboxetine (Edronax)

11-23-2006, 01:16 AM

I've been med free for about 11 months now and therapy has helped me enormously with the cognitive and behavioural side of my condition (long term bulimia and severe depression plus 4 years of PTSD, triggering bi-polar and panic disorder).

However, I'm finding the feelings of deep depression, all day grogginess, overwhelming fatigue, apathy, loss of hope etc has reared its head again over the last month or so and is sabotaging all the good intentions I have to follow my set tasks for the week set by my Psych.

I'm terrified I'm taking a backward slide after making such improvements this year, so I spoke to my GP (and Psych) and am taking my first dose of Reboxetine today. I'm hoping this will be the boost I need to get out of this latest funk and find the energy and drive to start leaving the house again.

Has anyone else had experience with this drug? Personal and/or anecdotal tales would be greatly appreciative, as NARI's are a new area for me, having always been on SSRI's or SNRI's.