View Full Version : Sick of anxiety reactions

10-10-2006, 08:56 PM
As I type this I feel so uggggg because I am having bad anxiety reactions where you can not catch your breath and at the same time you feel like you held your breath to the point of passing out.
Even after all the relaxation and slow deep breaths I still feel like crap and I did not feel this way till I took my Lexapro. I have noticed sometimes the med will make me feel anxiety reactions that try to turn into a panic attack.
I wish I could rid of this nasty panic that keeps trying to creep up on me :(
My grandmother had panic attacks for 20 years and my mother got hers in her early 40's and she still has it over 20 years later and 2 of my brothers had it and both over came it many years ago. And for me well for the past 7 years now and I'm going nuts trying to rid of them but I find that the harder I try seems the more stress I put on my self and that makes my depression get worse.
So I try to take It slow and I do a lot of self talk saying it is going to be OK no matter how bad I feel but sometimes the feeling is sooooo bad i have a hard time keeping myself from freaking out ya know.
Anyways I think I feel better just posting this :)