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View Full Version : Talking2Minds, PTSD, charity

03-27-2012, 03:28 AM
Hi all,
I would like to give you some info about Talking2Minds, which is a charity with a unique approach established with the sole purpose of helping those suffering from PTSD or other severe stress related conditions.
Talking2Minds was established by people who have suffered from PTSD and been through the Talking2Minds therapeutic process in order to help other back to health. Because all their team have personal experience of PTSD and other severe stress related conditions, they have an unique understanding of what the clients are going through and are able to create a strong rapport with them.
Please have a look at just a few of their case studies, videos and interviews to see how they have successfully helped people overcome PTSD and severe stress related conditions with their unique program. All case studies are written in the delegates own words.
Best wishes,