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02-15-2012, 07:06 AM

my names Melissa, i'm new to the site and i just wanted to introduce myself :)

I'm 15, and I got emetophobia/OCD when i was 12. About 6 months ago i got over this fear and i just wanted to join the site to help anyone else out there who has this irrational fear, to see if i can help and encourage anyone by sharing my story :) If theres anyone on here who ever needs help with this or wants to talk just send me a private message, i'd be happy to help :) It just annoys me when i see so many people suffering on here and now that i have got over the fear and can look at it from an outsiders perspective, i realise that everything i thought and everything i did while i was suffering from the fear, was pointless and irrational. I understand how hard it is when your in it and living it and fearing it but trust me there is NO reason for you to be living with it and when you beat the fear you'll understand how useless it was and you'll feel so much better!

Hope i can help! :)

06-17-2012, 07:06 PM
Hi melissa , so glad to read this & hear that u have beat this phobia.
Without going into too much detail I am emet , 21 , pregnant (almost didn't get through first few weeks because of emet)
I admire how young u have overcome this phobia , a lot of people I've spoke to have had it for their whole lives (50 years+!)
I feel almost silly for not being able to do what u have done , unfortunately I am still a very bad emet & have had this fear since I was around 11 (although back then no one explained to me about real phobias , I just thought everyone was scared to be sick)
It's been very on & off over the years , it was bad at age 11-13 then sort of calmed down (although I'm not sure how) until I was 17ish it started back up & brought mini panic attacks with it. At 18 I had a full breakdown , wouldn't leave the house or my room , was scared 24/7 , nauseous 24/7 & having full blown panic attacks 10+ times a day. With the help of amitriptyline (anti d) & CBT I slowly became myself again , went out again , even moved to my own place .. EVEN caught a bug , vomited 3times in about 40-50 seconds & felt better after! Even ate after & went out the next day. Something I could not even contemplate now.
Since getting pregnant anxiety has been through the roof , been hospitalised for dehydration (morning sickness although it was nausea not vomiting) that's all gone now as I am on anti emtics but am getting anxiety out of nowhere now & panic attacks for no reason , no nausea or anything which is new to me during panic/anxiety.

Would love to chat more about how u go over this phobia as I would very much like to do the same! Especially with my baby on the way :)

Let me just say again well done! & how proud and good u must feel about yourself! :) if u can do it then so can I , u have really boosted my confidence even just reading your post :)
I've spoke to many people who have emet but never anyone who has actually got over it.
Message back soon :) xxxx

07-05-2012, 08:56 AM
You guys are inspiring. i'm aboslutly terrified. i'm pregnant. don't wanna V at all. already nauseas. having panic attacks about it so bad that i have to stay hom from work. stressing about that b/c i am feeling guilty. i'm so scared i dont' know what to do. i am hyperventilating constantly or crying and feeling like i don't want to live anymore.
it's good to know i'm not alone
please, any words of encouragement would help. :(