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01-24-2006, 05:54 PM
Hey Everyone,

This was written by a recovered agoraphobic - "Bill of Rights for Winners"

You have the right to be you - the way you are, they way you want to be.
You have the right to grow, to change, to become, to strive, to reach for any goal, to be limited only by your degree of talent and amount of effort.
You have the right to privacy in marriage, family, or any relationship or group, the right to keep a part of your life secret, no matter how trivial or important, merely because you want it that way.
You have the right to be alone part of each day, each week, and each year to spend time with and on yourself.
You have the right to ask questions of anyone at any time in any matter that affects your life, so long as it is your business to do so...and to be listened to and taken seriously.
You have the right to be loved- and to love-to be accepted, cared for, and adored; and you have the right to fulfill that right.
You have the right to self-respect and to do everything you need to do in increase your self-esteem, as long as you hurt no one in doing so.
You have the right to be happy...to find something in the world that is meaningful and rewarding to you and that gives you a sense of completeness.
You have the right to be trusted-and to trust-and to be taken at your word. If you are wrong, you have the right to be given a chance to make good, if possible.
You have the right to be free, as long as you act responsibly and are mindful of the rights of others and of those obligations that you entered into freely.
You have the right to win-to succeed-to make plans; and to see those plans fulfilled...to become the best you can possibly become.
I would like to add that as an agoraphobic you have the right to:
be accepted
to ask for support when needed
to deal with your everyday life as best you can
to back off when you need to
to say no!
Shoulds, have tos, and ought tos coming from others are obstacles on the road and have to be dealt with. Only YOU can determine how far you want to travel at any given time. It is your responsibility to plan the route and to set the speed under which you are going to travel.