View Full Version : Is it my birth control that's making me worse?

07-29-2011, 06:12 PM
Hey you guys....Last October the Dr. prescribed me Nora-BE which is a progesterone only pill or the "mini-pill" as they call it. He couldn't dispense Ortho-Tri anymore because my blood pressure is too high. I began taking it and I think it was going ok until about Feb/March of this year and I began to get real upset especially around the time I was going to start...Honestly you guys I really never got PMS like that..Never that emotional...All this time I had been off of Prozac probably about 2 years and everything was going fine. By April I was a basket case with horrible acne! It's like junior high/high school. I never had acne growing up!!! My periods are all screwed up and I've never been this bad before not even when my mom passed. Now I'm afraid of dying suddenly, how I'm gonna die, everyone around me dying, etc. I went to my GP in April because my psych was completely booked and he of course looked at me like I was a kook....but prescribed me a low dose of Celexa...it worked a little but not too well..I finally saw my psych and she put me back on Prozac 40mg which has worked for me in the past but now it's not controlling my Anxiety too well...Do you think the Nora-Be is screwing me up?? P.S. I can't get pregnant right now because of my employer doing massive layoffs, it's just not the best time...

Zombie Graveyard Party
09-18-2011, 01:41 PM
I was taking a form of the birth control pill (Yasmin) when I started having panic attacks. I stopped taking it (at the time I believed I was going to have a heart attack), and later I realized that I had experienced my first panic attacks. I've had problems with anxiety attacks ever since then. I'm not sure if it was the birth control pill that caused the attacks or my hormonal imbalance which was the reason I was taking the pills. Ever since a few weeks after I stopped taking the birth control pills, my attacks haven't been as severe - they're still miserable, just not quite as bad.

Now I always strongly recommend people to avoid the birth control pill and to try other forms of birth control instead.