View Full Version : Lansoprazole is giving extremely painful gut pains

04-07-2011, 11:16 AM
After recuprating from several health set backs including panic attacks i have been hit with gastitis . I was first put on Omeprazole which caused several probklem so it was changed to Lansoprazole, which gives me extreme pains in my guts, so painful that i can hardly walk and have to take painkillers.. i dunno whether it is clashing with my other medications which is thyroxine,ferrous sulphate ,propanol (panic attacks) and vitamin b 12 injections.
I also get a horrible nerve (pins and needles) rush up and down my arm and back and almost come close to fainting when i have a bath.. my doctors btells me to give me a chance as i have only take it for 3 days , but it gives me so much problems.. when i wake up in thje m,orning my chest feels like it has been frozen.. can anyone advise