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10-10-2010, 08:19 AM
Only me the sites loon tune here again

Just to say im sorry for lack of posts etc but my panic attacks recently are so severe just getting out of bed for longer than one hour has me drained

Due to my anemia, this constant dizziness faintness and all the other lovely symptoms they keep telling me are only severe anxiety my doctor is coming to do a home visit on Tuesday due to a white spot i have in mouth that is not going away despite three lots diff meds , this is the doc that said i have cfs but not ME as there is no such thing even though i had in the past four different strains of coxsackie b virus , which now on news says we are not allowed to donate blood yet they have the nerve to say it is a psychological disorder well if that is so very odd they do not want our blood more medical cover ups imo :o

i due to my health anxiety have myself dead already , sleep is the only relief i get from the constant panic , please believe me i hate this i do try everyday to fight it but to no avail :o

I tried to go 3 steps to garden throw ball to the dog i know cos been inside so long yes im unfit and everything is going feel weird but even indoors the panics are non stop i try the breathing techniques, the distraction techniques every technique in the book but oh no not dopey dino do they work for if anything they make my panic only more intense :roll:

This leaves me wondering what else do i have as surely by now after years of being both housebound and panicking i would of learned a way to control it even a little but sadly i cant :o

The other doctor who put me on ativan which initially helped a tiny bit to alleviate the terror has now decided i am to come of them tbh they as we all know only work a couple of weeks then any effects are as he said physiological ones so yes ok maybe some of this is rebound withdrawl but ffs an animal wouldn't be left to suffer this way :x

I am not even living im merely existing panic was so bad last night again and all i was doing was trying watch tv im ashamed say i scratched my whole chest arms with my nails to try stop myself from passing out how insane am i getting ffs

ok sorry for my moaning here as usual :roll:

just hope your all well and wanted add miss you all loads

love dino

10-10-2010, 02:17 PM
Hi Dino:
Don't ever feel sorry for for sharing your problems with us, mutual support is what this site is all about. Sorry ur having such a rough go of it lately but I'm proud of you for keeping up the effort to improve yourself. I can't give any advice on the agora as I don't really qualify as such. I stay pretty much to myself but it is by choice, makes me guilty when I think of my friends who would love to go out but can't.
Panic and anxiety are things I have more experience with but have only had success in dealing with the panic part. My doc took me off Ativan also, I protested the decision but it seems she was right on that call ( I was using it more for pleasure then need). Anxiety is much harder for me to deal with, I manage to create ridiculous scenarios that never seem to come to pass but that doesn't stop me from doing it again the next day. Please keep up the good fight and hope somebody else who can be of a little more help then me will respond with some ideas that will make you feel better.
Luv Ya

10-10-2010, 11:55 PM
Hi Dino,

I am a newbie here. As a newbie I would have wanted to look up to advanced members for answers. You are an advanced member, and have been with such "frightful episodes" for some time now. I hope you should show to us that you can deal with this situation we similarly have. In your next thread instead of negative words like " Can't take it no more" write something positive about how you are able to deal with it, because I know you can. Let's do away with negativism and try to be more positive. In my previous thread, I wrote about "My quest for answers leads nowhere" which I wrote due to frustration. I now know it doesn't help to be negative. What I do now is challenging myself against the symptoms of anxiety. Literature has it that panic disorder could lead to agoraphobia. So what I did was to nevertheless go daily to malls despite the dizziness and confused feelings I get at theses places. My doctor also advised me to get a driver if I have to go to my place of work. I did for a while but then I decided to try to do it by myself. I did it and continue to do it now. I have also stopped taking xanax. I guess I no longer need it. All it takes is confidence to do what we want to do. Let us stop being chased by anxiety and instead let us be the one to chase after the anxiety. We can do it. You can do it Dino.

In your next thread, write about how you have dealt with those "loveliness" you experienced. Thank you and my regards.

Wishing you the best,

10-11-2010, 12:08 PM
Thank you pog for your kindness and thank you titorudz for your reply also but I would like to clear a few things up

Quote:As a newbie I would have wanted to look up to advanced members for answers. You are an advanced member, and have been with such "frightful episodes" for some time now.

This above statement has me here deeply hurt , although I at times come on here and moan I also try my best be it here or in the chat room to always support others in need without mentioning my own problems , I am sorry you came here as a newbie and felt let down by my post

I know yes I am indeed miss negative and my apologies for always being this way if I'm completely honest and frank I know I need to change the negativity but if I knew how to I sure as hell would not be sat here in this prison of a house for over four years I hope you seriously do not think I choose to live like this

You say you fought the dizziness confused feelings etc for three years I tried this method believe me every day I struggled but I went out hanging of lamp posts fainting in shops staggering so badly with the dizziness which I do even now in the so called safety of my own home , after three years of people in my small town thinking and actually a few asked was I drunk (I do not drink alcohol never) it got to a point where my poor husband not only had me to cope with but our severally handicapped son , picture it he is 21 years old mental age 3/4 year old seeing his mother lying on ground or frozen to the spot with complete terror by this time hes having a huge tantrum biting pulling my hair etc through no fault of his but by not being able to comprehend why his mum is scaring the living shit out of him

I then lose my beloved father and four close friends in space of six months the guilt of not being able to be there to say my goodbyes due to the panic to this day breaks my heart in bits

Sorry this is again coming across as all negative crap but until a person walks in another's shoes I say how can they know exactly how that person is feeling

Were you passing out in the mall if so please tell me how you overcame that other than positive thoughts because believe me I have tried that and it got me nowhere

I hope this reply is not coming across as me being angry or aggressive that is not my intention I'm just angry that your reply indicates this panic etc is just to think positive and I will be cured I wish it was that simple

Thank you again for your input as I said it is appreciated but perhaps next time replying to someone please try to be a bit more understanding to others situations after all advanced member or not the purpose of this forum is for support to everyone not only newbies

love dino

10-11-2010, 12:35 PM
Hello Dino , and Pog ,
and hello to u newbie ,, Tito rudz ,

I have been here on this forum , and site more ,,in years before this past year,since 2006, I suffer PTSD .. I think that Pog realizes that not to go where he doesn't understand and only speak of what he does, Good on U Pog .. :)

I spent a couple years as an agorophobic,, But living where I do , I was able to get the help I needed with much support from many ppl around me,, and a very good hospital , and wonderful Dr ,, who I still see , same one now for 17 yrs,, I was given ideas on how to beat my agoraphobia.. Dino . because of her location , and inability of getting to the kind of care she needs,,, cannot do this as easily as the other ppl ,, and now tito rudz,, remember we are all diferent . It is not just positive thinking that can get u out of house..it may be one of the things needed, But so many more things need to be put into this formula for success, I can say as knowing Dino for over 4 yrs talking to her everyday , that she has indeed done so much trying to be positive,, she is a fighter and a strong woman , who has been through very much saddness in her life,, Like she said,, have u walked in her shoes,,?? Well I say to u ,, until u have then .. plz do not pass her off as someone who has not tried,, U do not know her..

I say God Bless her for all the hardships she has enured.. and she will one day be a success story ,, as best she can ,, like all of us, never again 100 % ... None of us will ever be that again .. we deal with it ,, and find other avenues to live a happier life, YES... .I have come very far , I have the proper meds , and help I need to do that .

I pray everyday that Dino will also.. find that help from the right DR , hospital ,, and supportive people,, not those who make her feel she hasn't tried,,

By the way . Welcome to Phobics.. as u may see here , We are very supportive of each other ,, hope that u can get what u need from the site,, :)


10-11-2010, 09:11 PM
Hello all,

I have just joined this site, so i am also a newbie. After reading all your posts on this forum i realized that you are all suffering through a hard time. I too have anxiety and panic attacks. I was wondering if someone can give me some insight on any ways to cope with these feelings. Also i was wondering if anyone could let me know more in depth what kind of situations trigger your anxiety. For me a lot of different things trigger it. I get nausous, sometime faint, and very nervous symptoms. I dont know if all my symptoms are related to my anxiety. please let me know

10-11-2010, 10:19 PM
Hi again Dino and hello Florence,

When I first went to the mall, after staying at the hospital where I was confined for a week and treated for hypertension type 2, I had to be wheel-chaired because I was feeling weirdly dizzy, nauseatingly confused, and abnormally disoriented. My eldest daughter was starting to get angry with me for acting strangely. In all the years we have been spending family days at the malls, it was the first time they saw me acting bizarrely. Panic disorder was yet unknown to me then, and everyone knew I was in the hospital for a mild stroke, if that very frightening experience could at all be classified mild. :lol:

I was to go home on the 4th day of my hospital confinement, but at the front door of the hospital, I could not get my feet to move into the car. I was having a second “mild stroke” as I thought it was at that time. I was wheel-chaired back to the emergency room and have to stay for another 3 days in the hospital. The hospital was becoming my zone of security. At the day of my eventual discharge, I was having palpitations again and my BP was starting to rise. Everyone around me then, my family, relatives, and friends, were telling me to fight it off, nothing was wrong with me, that it’s all in my mind, and things would be better the moment I get home. Yeah, it was easy for them to say, they were not in my shoes. (I was barefooted in the hospital by the way hehehe :lol: ). It had to take my cousin, a family med doctor to bring me finally home and relieve me of the embarrassment I went through that time.

I started to miss my rotary weekly meetings fearing that I might just collapse during the meeting. I could not also go and attend to my business since I feared I might have another “stroke” while driving a hundred kilometers back and forth. I wanted to try the bus, but at the bus station my heart would beat so fast and strong that it sends me back to my house. I was becoming housebound, rather than the normal husband I have always been. And believe me, where I come from, this predicament we have is not well understood and one could just very easily tagged as being crazy for having those symptoms and not being able to contain them. And who would want to engage in business or even be associated with a crazy middle-aged man? That is third world reality.

When I got into this forum I found relief knowing that there are others like me with this predicament. I am not alone. I know of no one in this third world place I live having the same affliction. But as I read through the threads, I found out that many of us have been with this problem for years, some on 3 years, and others 8 years or so. So I ask myself, “is there no getting out of this ailment?” Even drugs would only mask the symptoms as others would say. Others are shifting from one drug to another; still others from one shrink to another. Will I be with this problem for the next 8 years or so or for the rest of my life? Will it progress to agoraphobia? Will I be housebound and no longer a husband? (Sounds like I’m having another anxiety attack? I’m not btw).

What I am trying to do now is putting myself up to a challenge. Instead of being chased by anxiety, I will chase it myself. I believe that nothing can be much worse than the first encounter as I do not know what was happening to me then. Ignorance in those moments is not bliss. I stay at the mall on weekends, sometimes on a motorized wheelchair so I don’t get tired while being able to move around. I drive, stopping at some distances, to buy some Pepsi and sandwiches and just to be able to talk with the shop attendants. At the car, I put on loud music to keep me distracted from “impure” thoughts :lol: . I ride the bus with a headset and make sure that my celpone ‘s battery is fully charged so I can talk with my wife the full route to my place of business. I have started attending our weekly rotary meetings and have recruited my son into the organization so he can caution or stop me when I start with some scotch. On evenings if I feel some dizziness, I put on the karaoke and have a few songs with my wife and youngest daughter.

But then that is I in my shoes. Sorry Dino, if I made you feel that you haven’t tried. That wasn’t my intention. I thought I could put you up to a challenge, some sort of a reverse psychology. It seems to be working for me, you know, chasing after the anxiety, pushing myself actually into having the big one. It hasn’t come btw, and I know it won’t come ever. But as Florence would say, we are all different. I will agree with that. Different strokes for different folks. Again, sorry Dino, and my apologies as well to Florence.

My best wishes to all


10-12-2010, 02:26 AM
BTW, can someone please direct me to the chat room. The way I do it is I first log on to m***. then use the kickchat server, then enter the channel #anxiety-support. Is that the right channel coz I see no nicks similar to the nicks used in this forum. And also no one seems to be talking there.

Thanks a lot.

10-12-2010, 04:05 AM
can i make a suggestion to all new members, maybe read a persons blog if they have one that way you will know much more about them and understand them a bit more, before replying to their actual posts...

just a suggestion jan xxxx
p.s welcome all newbees to the forum and chatroom, sorry cant help with the chat problem, im a numpty with tecnology xxxx

10-12-2010, 06:10 AM
by titorudz » Tue Oct 12, 2010 12:26 am
BTW, can someone please direct me to the chat room. The way I do it is I first log on to m***. then use the kickchat server, then enter the channel #anxiety-support. Is that the right channel coz I see no nicks similar to the nicks used in this forum. And also no one seems to be talking there.

Go to Chat Room category portion of this forum (way down at very bottom of category listings under Web Site) and Ill have a post there waiting for you on this.

10-12-2010, 08:19 AM
Hiya titorudz

Thank you for your reply and in depth explanation

I am sorry to read you also had to go through such a very hard time and i admire your strength and determination in overcoming it :)

It is indeed success stories such as yours that propel me into having hope that one day i to can try beat this panic anxiety agro etc so for that i thank you

I am sorry if i sounded harsh yesterday i think it is safe to say emotions with this illness makes us at times over sensitive more so than normal :o

I sincerely hope you continue to improve and yes i will promise to take on board your words of trying think more positive it will be hard im not going lie but i have nothing to lose , my husband yesterday afternoon while i again was having one of my mental freak out panics said now cmon positive thoughts smart arse he is i wont type my reply to him other than say the air was blue :lol:

A huge thank you to florence for her kind words also :)

We are really a friendly bunch here and i hope we have not made you think otherwise :)

love dino

ps;http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p251/dino_042/78-Cat.gif :)

10-12-2010, 08:32 AM
Hello all,

I have just joined this site, so i am also a newbie. After reading all your posts on this forum i realized that you are all suffering through a hard time. I too have anxiety and panic attacks. I was wondering if someone can give me some insight on any ways to cope with these feelings. Also i was wondering if anyone could let me know more in depth what kind of situations trigger your anxiety. For me a lot of different things trigger it. I get nausous, sometime faint, and very nervous symptoms. I dont know if all my symptoms are related to my anxiety. please let me know

Hiya tinibop104

A huge welcome to phobics you will find loads of support both here on the forum and in the chat room :)

For me just about anything triggers my anxiety but mostly my dizziness which is non stop and like you the faintness and all the other lovely symptoms that go along with anxiety

Your not alone here and you will as i said find loads support in helping you try to overcome your fears etc :)

love dino

10-12-2010, 11:50 AM
Tito rudz...
I do agree with Dino ,, we are a friendly bunch ,, I think myself ,, I had just returned home from a three hour trip out of town ,, IT is way beyond my limits .. but was nephews wedding ,,, sooo .. what do I do ??? I went. and am still paying the price,, today , not feeling well .. I was a bit too quick mayb e to jump .,,, but I know what it is like ,,

I found the only way to beat my agorophobia ,,, was to go to my safe place./.. The hospital .. that I spent most of summer in ,, for finding the right combination to help me,, I was feeling very safe there,, and while sitting in the chapel one morning , I saw a volunteer enter,, That was when I found my answer .... I have been a volunteer there for 7 yrs,, and through that have had opportunity to go a bit further .. BUT I do have limits ,., and I know them , and respect them , times like this weekend were unavoidable,,

So there u have it.. u will and so will my friend Dino ,, find an answer ,, I pray for all who suffer as we do,,, to be able to go that tiny step at a time,, to where.. they too will have limits... but still able to find a happy place to make u feel worthwhile,,,

Florence ..
:) xxxxx

10-12-2010, 06:11 PM
Well I'm glad this thread turned out well, I appreciate that you replied again and went a little more in depth Titorudz. As you can see we can be a little sensitive about our problems and very defensive of our friends. I kind of figured it was just crossed wires from the get go and that ur intentions were good from the begining. Glad the heads on approach has been benificial to you and I too will try to continue with positive thinking....but don't be surprised if I stumble now and then.
Welcome to Phobics tinibop and Titorudz.....hope to see you both in chat sometime.
Luv ya all

10-12-2010, 10:09 PM
I am getting more and more convinced now that this forum is really very helpful. I have had my first major major panic attack only this July 2010. Two more successive ones right after hospital confinement and one extra agora episode at the mall. I stumbled at this forum this September only. That’s when I read many of the threads here and found out so much to know about our “unique ability.” I found out that many of us have been with this problem for years, some on 3 years, and others 8 years or so. I then made a vow not to have this going for the next years of my life and have to get back to my previous life. I reckoned that the easiest time to beat this unique ability is to take it head on before it can take its roots. Agoraphobia, the literatures say, develops with this ailment. So before it develops and takes over me, I started to go to the malls. At first it was difficult, and as I have written earlier, I have to be put on a wheel chair and suffer the whole time while my family were doing their shopping. Now, I can go by myself.

Yes, ma’am Florence, it’s not just positive thinking, its positive attitude and the will to do what one wants to do and ought to do. It is very encouraging to read that you had just gone on a 3-hr trip. Way to go ma’am.

Last night, I was at our weeknight Rotary meeting. I sustained it even with some dizziness. I tried my best at the dart game but lost. We’re planning on our Rotary anniversary and Halloween get together on the 26th of this month. I will psyche myself up to be able to attend.

It is still too early to tell if it is a success story for me ma’am Dino. (Where's that positive attitude now hehehe :lol: ) I hope it turns out to be. I still wake up at some mornings feeling dizzy. Sometimes my thighs get stiff when I have to drive for work. At the bank, I still get disoriented at times waiting in line for my turn at the teller. I just have to get through it one day at a time.

Thank you, and thanks too ma’am Llaura for directing me to the right chat room. I got in there last night.

Warm regards to all,

12-28-2010, 11:20 AM
hi!! i hope u r ok!!! i allso suffer with anxiety and panic attacks i have tryd alot to help it but nuthing seems to like you i can hardly leave the hose!!
u just need 2 hold on to the good days :)

05-06-2011, 01:28 AM
I'm new joing this site, but recently a month ago I suffered one of the worst anxiety attacks ever! I couldn't breath or talk and I felt like someone needed to shoot me in the head to end the severe madness. It was so scary, so I can definetly relate to you saying you felt like an animal suffering. It is terrifying!! I have some Lorazapam which makes me feel safe, but I still am scared I will have another one. I hope not, but seieing that I stay in my apartment and isolate alot it isn't unlikely. Is anyone on SSI that feels they go crazy in their apartment? i think it's a huge lead to these scary anxiety attacks!

05-06-2011, 02:52 AM
Hello burton24!

Yes, staying inside secluded does make things worse over time. You are basically reaffirming to your body that the outside is scary, and lowering your tolerance to stressful situations. There's a balance to be struck, and I haven't found it yet lol. I am sorry you are suffering from these huge attacks.. they are so scary.. and I don't blame you for holing up inside. But once you start to gather your strength, always push to go back out.. it will help. Do you have any idea as to what might be the cause of these attacks? Sometimes getting to the root of the problem makes it go away. Take care, and I hope to see you sometime with us chatting!


05-10-2011, 08:03 PM
You can make it.. I struggle with panic with my job situation every day. the only place where I really feel calm is in my hometown.. If I can make it--and I am so far--you can make it also.

05-13-2011, 01:39 PM
I feel your pain, I've been there too 24hr panic worst thing i've ever had to deal with. Coming to chatroom and meds to get over the terror helped. Things are so much better now I've programmed my brain to say do your worst whenever they came and eventually the panic backed off like a bully who who has realised they don't scare me anymore.

I have the whole anaemia. dizziness, palpitations, breathlessness and also had a big operation last year, and guess what I'm still here about to go out for the evening by myself. I don't worry anymore if a panic comes I don't rise to the bait I just say 'whatever' to it and it goes. i hope this helps you x

05-15-2011, 11:34 AM

you are a strong person! I like that you can say "whatever" to it! I'm more whiny to myself so saying "whatever" doesn't work. I have to mentally pull my mulemind along, like a screaming and kicking 5 year old that's melting down. Keep up the fight guys! Agoraphobia is a daily thing. It's never the same every day. Give yourself more leeway on bad days, and push yourself more on good days. Like mental yoga!