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07-17-2010, 08:15 AM
I just recently went back on .5/day of clonaz to help me sleep, and after reading some of these posts I am terrified. Can someone tell me a happy/ good/ helpful story about their use of clonazepam?
I was on clonaz for a few months, 1mg a day. I weaned like crazy and never experienced any side effects other than being terrified that I was going to experience side effects.
Why are people and doctors so afraid of this medicine? Because it is habit forming? It rrreally helps me so I hate hearing all these horror stories. Is it possible that it just works for me?

07-17-2010, 10:58 AM
:) :)

Hello lalm ,

Nice to meet you ,, I am so glad that you have posted this ,, I want to tell you I have been on Clonazepam for 17 yrs now ,, I have been weened down to the lowest I can go , which is 2.5 mgs a day ,, I suffer from PTSD >> and so far after all this time ,,I have had no problem with it ,, YOu have to understand all meds do not work the same for everyone,, maybe we are lucky enough to have it work for us ,, Good luck , and ease your fears,, and do not listen to others horror stories... Doesn't mean it will happen to you ,, OK ?? :D


07-17-2010, 02:40 PM
Thank you Florance,

You have eased my mind. I just thought that it is so difficult to find something that works, it would be horrible to not be able to use it.
I suppose the scary part about clonazepam is when you stop taking it abruptly, but if you are responsible with your usage and wean off of it then I don't think there is anything to fear.
Thanks again, I will be chatting some more I am sure!