View Full Version : Anxiety, Panic, Big Medicine, & You- Pt 1

03-25-2010, 09:17 PM
* Whenever you have a health problem that Doctors might treat for years but just can't seem to resolve completely or sometimes at all, the best course is for you to take charge of your own health by thoroughly educating yourself. No one is more totally motivated to find an answer than you. The Dr has hundreds of patients with thousands of problems, while all you have is you & your few health issues to focus upon. You have the best research tools now all come together as never before in the history of the world: a computer, the internet, your brain, hope, & determination.
* I am convinced that if you spend 20 hours researching any health problem at all, with intelligence & determination, especially focusing on natural therapy, that you will: 1. know more practical information about that particular problem than the average Dr, & 2. you will find answers that will benefit you more physically, emotionally, & financially than anything the Dr can recommend. Nowhere is this more true than with mental & emotional problems. This is probably their weakest area because of their reliance on Psych meds that often do not work as advertised. (Google: Newsweek Begely Antidepressants) And in my opinion & experience, Psychiatrists & Psychologists, while often very helpful, want to talk things over & see how you feel about things for many months on end. I just got the feeling my Psychologist was more interested in milking my problems rather than really solving them. If I wanted someone to only just listen to me yak & complain, I could have had a nice visit with a bartender, & with no appointment either.
* That reminds me, when I was going to college, I was telling this friendly bartender I knew about how these guys were picking on me & he got all mad & wanted to know who they were so he could go beat them up. I'm not kidding. See if you can find a Psychologist or Shrink who'll get that involved in helping you with your problems, or even just offer you a beer.
* The next issue is that medical education, literature, & practice is heavily focused on what generates income for the Pharmaceutical & Medical industries & the Dr himself. This view emphasizes expensive interventions & long term maintenance over any cures or inexpensive therapies of any kind especially anything, God forbid, Natural.
* Now Drs have their place & can be life saving, & sometimes they really want to tell you something important about your lousy insurance company, or the faulty hospital, or an incompetent fellow Dr, or a helpful vitamin, or something but they just can't because it could come back to bite them. They can be very skilled in surgical techniques but some have been known to do unnecessary operations because it's very profitable. But most are good people who are trapped in a corrupt, obscenely profit driven system.
+ You need to learn how to work around & deal with these significant flaws in order to help yourself in the most efficient & beneficial way. To be continued.

04-16-2010, 12:09 PM
Agree 100%. It's funny when you go to the hospital and they find that it is something physcological that they quick send you to mental health and they put you on a cocktail of psych meds. The psych meds can have more side effects and make things worse in some cases. I have chosen to go the natural route after being on Lexapro,hydroxyzine. I have taken l theanine which helps take the edge off and am now taking magnesium and b12 vitamins. Sometimes I wonder if I have some rare medical condition because I feel so weird all the time but the doctor told me it was anxiety and panic and that's what I have to go with.