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09-22-2009, 03:36 PM
hiya all
Just wondering if anyone has any experience of these 2 tabs i been on pregabalin for just over a week and as far as i can see its not doing much only making me very tired in the daytime, for the first couple of days it helped me to sleep which was good coz i wasnt sleeping at night time...
My Doc wants to add duloxetine in the nxt couple of days.
I also can take valium as and wen i need it specially to help with the side-effects off duloxetine, even though the pregabalin is meant to b helping with the anxiety...
After the last attempt at tabs with mirtazapine which was horrendous then prozac which left me with more anxiety than i started with im reluctant to take anymore anti-depressants.
Anxiety is doing my head in now so i need to sort it out, i have tried so many tabs in the past that its doing my head in.
meds i have trried are..
and numerous herbal remedies
I was told by one doctor that there was nothing they could do for me anymore, luckily my own gp came back from a yr away and has suggested duloxetine.
All i have read about it is that is horrible to come off but then so was venlafaxine and i did that cold turkey which a doc told me to do he didnt know not to obviously.
I think pregabalin is causing headaches and i already have enough of them
Thanx in advance if u can help
Gert xxxx

10-20-2009, 05:59 PM
hiya all
just wondering if anyone is on cymbalta??? I've been taking taking this for 19 days should have been 21 but i missed two coz i slept thru the days.
also i've been on pregabalin (lyrica) for 26 days,
I have been diagnosed with GAD 6 yrs ago and i listed the other meds i been on in above post.
A few hours after taking my first cym i ran to the toilet to be sick, sickness has been with me since but only actually vomited once doc has given me domperidone for that but as im already on these two tabs plus stomach ones try not to take domperidone if i really dont need to.
Sickness and headaches were the only SE's i was getting til a week or so in now im getting racing heart, palpitations, trouble concentrating wen i wake up, eyes seem affected some how thats hard to explain like they r too dry i think is the problem, now all of a sudden im getting bad anxiety...
it still makes me very tired too in the daytime even tho i sleep all night. im on 60mg in the mornings. so has any one had similar probs ???

10-22-2009, 11:43 AM
Hiya gert

I'm sorry to see your still having problems i know all the symptoms you have put i had not only on the lyrica but also on the venlafaxine in fact if im honest all ssris seemed to make me worse , had the gp here twice last week my palps etc were and still are so severe :(

I just hope you know i am here thinking of you and hope you feel a bit better soon as you know sorry cannot say if its the cymbalta i think this is about only one i aint tried , your doc seems very much like mines not only on one med at a time but two or one coming out system which i feel makes it worse for us to know what ones causing which symptoms

Again gert huge http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p251/dino_042/53002885-1.gif to you

love dino

11-01-2009, 04:08 PM
Hi Dino
sorry its taken me ages to reply not been up to turning laptop on, still feeling rough keep getting anxiety sickness is getting better tho.
Im not sure if its the pregabalin or cymbalta thats causing these problems im coming up to 5 weeks now so if they r going to work it should b soon..
I like my doctor as she just wants me to try something she is hoping will work but its not a miracle thing is it sadly.
good news is im not feeling so tired so can manage to stay awake all day now still getting fast heart and palps tho.
How r u getting on? what is nxt in line for u? thanx for being here for me and vice versa i will try to b on more now as im awake more
sending love and hugs to you hunni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
shirley x

11-02-2009, 12:01 PM
Hiya gert

Nice to see you back posting :)

I am sorry to read your still having palps anxiety etc i so know how that feels i myself am still here trying to sound on my other posts that im not a complete loonie but if im honest just typing few posts here i feel like i have climbed mount everest and usually after only being out my pit for a couple of hours im back in it thinking my time on earths up

Here was my latest moan last week and to top that of now my hair is coming out in clumps this happened to me few years ago when lee was very ill so im hoping it will again pass

viewtopic.php?f=52&t=4848 (http://www.phobics-awareness.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=4848)

I am going phone my doc again tomorrow im past caring if he thinks im a pain in the arse he always says im not but i swear he must curse me behind my back as lately i have some new aliment im convinced is terminal every other week :o

Well shirley enough of my moaning please know hun i am thinking of you and hope your meds kick in soon

love dino

11-02-2009, 07:10 PM
hiya Dino
yes im still waiting for these tabs to kick in i thought the newer ones kicked in quicker than the older ones but so far not and im nearly on week 5 oh well keep going the only annoying thing is if they dont work i gotta come off them and i have heard that isnt easy the joys of these meds....
I have made my bed on the sofa kids r not happy but as i dont sleep well at night i stay downstairs to watch tv and make drinks instead of disturbing them whenever i need to get up so i gather everything around the sofa and thats it im happy only trouble is i dont want to get off it during the day. as the tiredness from these tabs is wearing off i find myself doing the cleaning but u should see me i wobble all over my legs shake like mad lol if i sit down tho i tend to have to sleep and i could sleep for ages but only give myself an hour i wake up feeling strange.
I think the type of anxiety we have means that any little niggle we get we start to think thats it we r dying i got funny pains in my chest before and that was it panic set in i thought i got a blood clot in my lungs its mad when u think of it like that but not wen ur going thru it.
i havent had the hair loss thing but two of my friends lost lots of their hair they were left with bald patches bless them.it did come back eventually
haha docs if they know anything about anxiety know ur not a pain in the arse hun but i do feel like that but then i did have one doc that as soon as i walked into his room leaned back in his chair crossed his legs and said what can i do for u then when i told him said oh thats ok its just anxiety wtf im scared here and he is saing its JUST anxiety
I hope they find something for u hun that works and lets u have ur life back eventually its a pain i know i been stuck in the house for nearly the past year and hate it my kids hate it too thats why i try these fecking tablets
lots of love and hugs shirley