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View Full Version : Question Regarding New Trauma Memory

08-27-2009, 11:39 AM
Hi I am new and I hope I have posted my question correctly.
I have been diagnosed with PTSD and I have recently begun long awaited EMDR treatment.
During my childhood I was physically, mentally and emotionally abused by a parent who was severely mentally ill. I have also experienced later trauma in my adult life.

While recently establishing my "safe place" foundations for EMDR a partial "memory" seemed to be surfacing, on top of real concrete trauma memories. But this "new" one caused me a great deal of emotional disturbance. I had been undergoing CBT, trauma journalling and exposure therapy, this was prolonged and I spent hours each day working through a lot of trauma, problems,thoughts and phobias. I believe the work was extremely successful and I also believe it helped me greatly in finding some kind of safe balance to begin the EMDR work.

My psychologist is supportive and has been slow and deliberate in her application and treatment of me. She has decided not to go straight to my worst trauma as I have been victim to later adult traumas as well as those during my childhood.
My psychologist has told me that she will not be working on any partially retrieved memories. I was at first confused about this, as what was emerging distressed me greatly at the time -I was journalling and working on my emotion responses, now I am just concerned as what came up makes me feel more conflicted than I thought I was.

My query now though is have other people experienced partial memory recall or a "crossover" or mixing up somehow perhaps of trauma memories? A recent one in some way "co-existing" somehow with an earlier one(?)

I am not sure that I have explained that properly at all, and I apologize now if I seem confused in how I am explaining myself. I would like to say now this "newer" memory was not as a result of the EMDR treatment, I had only just begun "safe place installation" when this came up for me.
Thank you in advance ~