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08-24-2009, 04:08 PM
My son has had problem with panic attacks for at least 6 years now and it has slowly lead to his current situation that is agoraphibia and huge social and other psychological problems. He will soon be 28 years old.

I believe that he wants help, but he is too scared to leave the house to get any help that might be out there. I have spoken with the state to get assistance and numerous assistance providers. But how does someone get help with agoraphobia if there is no one that can come to the house to assist?

I have been with him when panic attacks occur and see how they effect you. I used to suffer from panic disorder myself and I can appreciate what he is going through. I was able to draw a line in the sand and fix my problem in a day.

His have gone on many years now and he doesn't even know how to act. He lies all the time, is unreliable, messy and unaccountable.

I am so lost and desperate. This is ruining my wife and my life and the reality of babysitting him forever is shocking. I hate to say it but we are seriously thinking of throwing him out if something doesn't change.

Please, someone has had to have had this this same situation.................what are we to do???

08-24-2009, 06:15 PM
When I lived in Minneapolis and Dallas, there were wonderful agoraphobia therapy practices which had staff who would come to the home and work on getting the client out and to the office. I recall "LaVerne", who'd been homebound for years. Her first trip to the group therapy resulted with her curled up in a ball in the corner. Within a year (or less), she was out and about, driving all over the place!

Since you live in St. Louis, call some therapists who specialize in phobias--if they don't normally do home visits, ask would they consider it....maybe set a limit of 3 or 6 visits before your son would agree to go to their office. It can be done!

By the way, I was agoraphobic for 38 years, starting at age 4. I have been phobia free now for 20 years. If I did it, anyone can--believe me.

08-25-2009, 04:23 AM
Hi meppwc and welcome to the forum. So sorry to hear of the current strain on your family. I myself am a recovering agoraphobic. I don't know what services are available where you live but I know that therapy helped me heaps. From my experience my counsellor was great. I didn't know where to start on my own without his support. He came to my house for the first visit, after that he made me go to him because he had faith I was strong enough. He would set me 'homework' - walk to the end of the street (five houses away) twice a day, keep a journal of everytime you accomplish something etc.

My only advice would be to try and keep fighting and get him the help that he needs. If you have to make 500 phone calls to get some help then it's time well spent. Sometimes we can't help the ones we love. We can only find them the resources and support them on their journey.

Very best of luck. Let us know how it goes. Be well.