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View Full Version : here's why I have PTSD

04-23-2009, 05:40 AM
“ The Sounds Of War”
Justin L. Rich

The zip of a bullet passing by your head,
The hiss of the ricocheted rounds all around your body,
The sounds of your own constant firing rifle,
The impact of an incoming mortar,
These are the sounds of war.
The yelling of several different commands,
The rattling of your gear as you run for cover,
The voice coming from the radio,
The people as they scream out Infidel, Infidel,
These are the sounds of war.
The cry for a medic,
The swearing of grown men,
The chilling names of one mans children as he dies,
The begging for morphine, and calling of a med-evac,
These are the sounds of war.
The sound of bells as the round lands too close to you,
The boots of a charging infantry and the cries of war it brings,
The sound of a man being bayoneted ,
The eeriness of close combat,
These are the sounds of war.
The victory cries of a weary infantry,
The sound of your friends last breath,
The roar of the helicopters coming to get the injured and dead,
The orders to detain the enemy,
These are the sounds of war.
The growl of the hummers engine,
The quietness as we return to the fob,
The snickering, and silent cries of the men,
The patting on the back from the NCO and the assurance all is well,
These are the sounds of war.
The chaplain’s prayer over the loud speaker,
The slow and everlasting playing of taps ,
The hard hits of the soldiers’ boots on the ground as they walk by to say good by,
The devastated cry from a soldier who can no longer take it,
These are the sounds of war…

04-23-2009, 03:24 PM
I can understand why u have PTSD ,,I too have PTSD.. and tho I was not in a war,to me in my head it was a real true war with all the same things u identify , as I worked in an Operating Room ,the sicker I got it became that of being held captive by a co worker in high control , under his harassment , until a final blow broke me .Hopefully we can talk in chat ..

02-18-2010, 04:22 PM
I could never put it so elequently as you did:
But its someone coming home and not being able to breathe or stop shaking. The conly dreams are nightmares, and once you wakeup and hope you wake up and its just a nightmare. Comfort and peace only come in a bottle or a pill. Standing on the precipice of sanity and knowing all it would take is a breeze to push you over. Terrified of being trapped - can't get away. Walking on eggshells to keep the peace. Afraid of stupid stuff - parking lots, shopping malls, waking up and fearing what the day may bring. Terror overcoming you while you're washing dishes. Memories you'd rather not remember. Prefering to die then to endure another day. I'm not suicidal, just expressing a feeling.