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View Full Version : Hello, please help.

01-29-2009, 02:51 PM
Good Afternoon All,

My name is Jen and I am (obviously) new to this forum. I was hoping to be able to meet some people who also suffer from this terrible phobia of being sick. For as long as I can remember I have had this fear. It causes a great deal of anxiety when I am faced with it (heart racing, irrational thoughts, frenzied cleaning of everything I have ever touched, etc.).

Fortunately, it has not kept me from traveling (I fly pretty frequently), or going to school, or having a career, and most importantly having children. I have 2 boys (12 & 9) and they have been known to bring home a virus from time to time. I am lucky to have a husband who takes care of them (while I freak out and then feel like a horrible mom) when they have these things and so far we have been lucky to not "share" these awful bugs with each other (knock on wood).

Unfortunately, I am obsessive with my cleaning and hand washing. I rarely eat out at restaurants (because I don't know who touched my food). And I won't let anyone wear shoes in my house (who knows what is on the bottom?). When the kids get home from school I make them clean up before they do anything else. Now my oldest is obsessive with hand washing so I have passed on this germ phobia to him (which makes me feel extremely guilty, too).

I don't know anyone who suffers from this and although my husband is supportive he just doesn't get it. It is no big deal to him. He can even laugh at it in movies and such (which just horrifies me).

Does anyone here get anxious at this time of year? I feel at times like I am on pins and needles even though I know logically that I can do nothing about it except wash my hands and keep everything as clean as I can.

I am curious about anybody else's quirks and how they deal with this terrible fear.

Thank you so much!

02-06-2009, 12:06 PM
hi jen

well that sounds exactly the same as me lol,.ive got three children , and its a total nightmare when they get something...i did have a hubby who was an angel and used to look after them 4 me when they were ill but we broke up arrgghhh im dreading the next time one gets ill!
im like u in that i hardly eat out at restaurants and the whole handwashing thing...im scared my kids are gonna be the same as me, so i try really hard to not make a big deal of things when im with them but they are smart kids lol they know whats going on
its a horrible phobia to live wih coz it literally some days can affect everything you do, but this place has been sooo so helpful to me, so i hope it will be to u too

take care if u are ever in chat feel free to have a natter with me :)