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View Full Version : Am I have PTSD?

12-17-2008, 03:41 PM
My friend says that I have got PTSD.
I experienced a lot of verbal bullyng at Technical School. A few school-mates called me gay {homosexualist}. They also called me "Stiven". I did hate that!!!!
many times a days. It last 4 years.
When I finished Technical School I realised that I had still depression.
But I have something more than depression:
1. Flashbacks
I see flashbacks from school. I see situation I experienced. When I work, do shopping, resting - flashbacks turn up in diffrent situations.
2. Lack of trust
I do not trust to people since graduating school.
3. I have difficulty in adaptation to new situation {it's very stressful when i change the accommodation for example}
4. I used to think about revenge {schooting them}
5. I used to have nightmares about school.
6. I always avoided the school buliding. I didn't want to look at it. Now I live in diffrent town and country.
Am I have PTSD?
If I have PTSD, what should I do?

12-18-2008, 07:53 AM
:( :(

Hello Someome Sad ,,,

I would say first of all you should make an appointment with your General Practictioner.. and let him decide if u have a real prob,, here and where to go next with it ,, it sounds like from what u said that these feeling u were having were in the past?? or r still happening? It will all make a difference,, But do see a Dr for it do not suffer if u needn't be ,, Best to you ,,,,


12-18-2008, 08:09 AM
hI someone sad, i agree with florence you rearly do need to see a doctor explain how your feeling about what as happened to you and they will be able to help you, molly-m xx

12-18-2008, 08:32 AM
:(* :(

* Hello Someome Sad ,,,

* * it ,, it sounds like from what u said that these feeling u were having were in the past?? or r still happening?"
My feeling is* still* happening. Not as strong as it used to be.
Flashbacks- I used to have them every day. Now I have them from time to time. A few times a month.
I have depression. I take medicines.* My GP dr prescribed me antydepresants.
I did not tell my GP dr about bullying at Techinical School.
I'm going to attend an depression group. Speaking frankly I don't belive it will help me.
I'm loosing hope. I see my future in black colours. I'm not happy with my* life. I'm not happy with nearly every aspect of my life.