View Full Version : antidepressants and pregnancy

06-17-2006, 12:17 AM
I've been on medication in the past, but my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. My anxiety has really been bad recently. My doctor says it is up to me go on an antideppressant and take the risk if I do get pregnant? I keep researching about taking antidepressants through pregancy, but there is not much information. Does anyone have any help?

06-19-2006, 03:22 AM
I was on them when i got pregnant on 2 of my sons. As soon as i found out i stopped taking all meds and there fine. Speak to your GP 1st and think about the timing are you really ready for the stress of a new baby and everything that comes with it. If you think yes then like i said see your GP. I think if you suffer anxiety before having kids after you have them it goes worse(just my opinion)there is a lot of stress and worry having kids im sure all us parents will agree.
take care x.