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View Full Version : emet having a bad time

09-04-2008, 06:41 PM

I am having a real hard time with emet!!
I have had this all my life.
I'm going worse with this phobia.
I think it is because i'm getting older (almost 43) my parents are 75 & 76 I have relied on my dad all my life, he is my carerer, he is the only person I trust & turn to. The rest of my family dont want to know about me.

Basically I fear being left alone & not being able to manage my life in the future!! pathetiic eh??

does anyone have any advice/suggestions ??.

I'm certain my phobia as been designed to stop me from being independant & living my life therefore the dependance on my dad.

thanks for listening


09-04-2008, 08:09 PM
Hiya Honey !!!!

I'm so sorry to hear you going through a tough time to do with your phobia,

One thing I wanted to say to you is you are soooooooo not pathetic at all in time of troubles and fears do we not reach out to the ones we love for support thats only natural sweet.

When I had real problems of being alone it was my hubby that brought me out of it he made me spend more time on my own it was because he had to go back to work when I was really ill with my anxieties and agoraphobia, he built it up slowly over a period of time so it wasn't such a shock to me and was always in phone contact if and when I ever needed him either just to talk over the phone or come home if I was in such a state.

It takes time Honey its not a over the night cure but it really did help me, I now don't mind my own company at all the peace and quiet I enjoy gives me time to get in to a really good book.

Bless your heart too



09-05-2008, 03:49 AM
:) :)

Hi Honey,,,,,,

We have fears,,,to us they r so very real...it is the nature of our phobias...
so plz know that you are far from alone,,,and most definately not pathetic,,ok??
It is really amazing how we do not realize the strength, that each one of us have....until faced with our fears on our own,,,,,trust in yourself,,you are stronger than u think,,, :rolleyes:

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09-05-2008, 07:30 PM
THANKS so much Anna & Florence ur replies mean so much.

I will keep in mind what u have both told me.

thanx again xxxxxxxxx

luv amy hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx

09-11-2008, 08:45 AM
hey honey :)

oh i know how you feel, worrying that this god awful phobia will be with u forever,but hopefully it wont be and hopefully you can learn to find some peace and a way of managing day to day life without the constant worry it brings...honey you are a lovely person, and it makes me sad that phobias like ours happen to such good people but im confident you will one day be able to stick 2 fingers up at it and tell it where to go......in the meantime we are all here for u, and i know we can all help each other deal with our issues.....take care

love natalie xxxxx