05-26-2008, 07:39 PM
Has anyone taken/is taking any of these meds? Im seeing what others think. I know everyone is different with meds but I still would like to see.

I wanted to really try and do this w/out meds but I think right now until therapy starts helping I need something other than Xanax. Im constantly anxious, lots of PAs, always worrying, scared to go outside, scared being inside...this is no way to live. Especially since I have 3 small kids. Thank God my husband took them out this weekend to get outside and play. Zoloft I was on for 18 mons and it helped A LOT but I gained 35lbs. Dont know if it was from the Z or bc I was drinking a lot though.

I was planning on trying Prozac bc I dont hear much about weight gain with this med. But I have read where people did gain, a lot too. Is Prozac good for GAD though?! Zoloft worked SO well for me and I was thinking should I just try it and if I start gaining come off?! Then Lexapro, I hear is one of the milder ones. Some say they gained a lot some say they lost or stayed the same?! Maybe I didnt even gain bc of the Z but bc of the drinking. I know a few on Zoloft who didnt gain. I will watch what I eat and work out but I have read a lot of stories where people dieted and worked out and still gained. And I know I should not let the weight thing be such a big thing, but I can not help it. Has always been an issue with me.

05-27-2008, 01:50 PM
Hi , I have been on prozac ( which had no effect for my depression ) and zoloft which helped. Not sure about the other one though. Prozac might be good for GAD though as I do not have that.

Kar :) :)