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03-27-2008, 10:12 AM
Below is a poem about my ongoing battle on vallium withdrawls .this is not intended to scare no one,medication when prescribed properly can i know be a life saver for loads sadly for me they have ruined my entire life :(

As a lot of you know am also atm undergoing a lawsuit along with 479 other ppl regarding the misuse of seroxat to me the ppl that not only make millions from the harmful effects there so called miracle happy pills do to ppl is imo disgusting :( http://dl5.glitter-graphics.net/pub/614/614035tw0wozutb2.jpg ('http://www.glitter-graphics.com')

Its now been over seven years since i was introduced to you.

You looked so innocent, so white so pure.

I was told you were the answer to everything

The Cure!!!!!!!!!!!!

No-one told me, when they introduced me to

The rest of your family, the yellow and the blue.

The blue being five times stronger than you.

No one told me of the dangers you held within.

Of all the pain that I would have to get through, all the suffering

No-one told me, YOU would rob me, of years of my life.

That I would be unable to function properly as Mother and Wife.

No-one told me that I would get addicted to you.

Of the pain and suffering, I would have to go through.

To get you out of my system, Alone is taking it toll

Years of heartbreak, many, many tears.

The to find out, I had Agoraphobia.

Several more years, destroyed by fear.

Which a lot of people say is caused by you.

Not being able to go out, far or near.

Hurting all the ones, I loved so dear
O little white tablet, how I hate you.

But in the end I'm determined im going to win not you http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p251/dino_042/Anime-1.jpg

dino x

03-27-2008, 10:49 AM
:( :(

Dino,,,,,,,,"""Huge Hugs To You """ !!!

http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r307/freecommenttags/Flowers/ivyanimrosescandle.gif ('http://www.freecommenttags.com')

Lov Ya,,,

04-15-2008, 03:53 PM
omg dino...tears in my eyes hun xxx loves ya......ur a sweet lady an i have every faith in u beatin these tabs, so sweet an fragile the lady u r u mad me so happy so near an so far,i found a friend i knew could b true an hunny u r so loyal an new,u brighten my day wen u r on here an i hope that 1 day ur life will become clear. hugs 2 u dino xxxx all my love nichola