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11-12-2007, 07:53 AM
My x sufferd from pannic attacks when we were together and didn't really realise what they were all about hewas just given some pills from the doctor and that was it. t wasn,t until he left me and i found this book on pannic attacks purley by chance i realised that even though these pannic attcaks were recent thing he could have had agrophobia for years. and we hadn't realised he had spent the past 9 year avoiding cetain things we must of only gone out a hand full of tmes buthe always had good excuss for things he used to work nights or if that wasn,t the reason he would say that he didn't trust anyone else to babysit. well we got back together for a short while and we talked a bit about what i found out and we were gona get help together. but he ran out on me again. could i be right as when i mentioned this to my friends they tend to thnk i'm making excuses for him

11-27-2007, 03:31 PM
you could be right. but i dont really know your whole situation and so i cannot say for sure. but i think that it is great that you have tried to learn about this illness. so many chose not to even try and understand it. i hope that you can continue to be there for him, its very hard to go through this alone.