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10-30-2007, 09:58 PM
Hi, I'm new here and am just looking for a little advice on how to approach the topic of agoraphobia with my psychiatrist. He thinks my symptoms are more from sociophobia but I disagree. I am mostly housebound due to anxiety/panic attacks at the thought of leaving my home - it's the only place I feel somewhat safe. I have panic attacks even staying home but when I know I have to get out to do something like go to the doctor or go grocery shopping I have to double up on Xanax just to get in the shower, knowing that's the first step to leaving the house. Also, are there any meds proven to be more effective for agoraphobia? I've been on just about everything and haven't found anything that alleviates the depression and anxiety. I've been on disability for two years now due to this but have suffered with it for at least 20+ years. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

10-30-2007, 10:20 PM
I wish I had some magic advice but I do know where your at. Im bouncing back and fourth with the same problems. All I can say is you have to get stubborn and keep pushing yourself even when pushing feels like a useless point. (beleive you me I have had more days of "why bother pushing its not going to help" but in the longterm it does help)

10-31-2007, 04:30 AM

i gotta a gree with JRM. as hard as it is wene you get soooo stuborn, yas

just get sick and tierd of being sick and tierd, and you push. ive tryed every med SSRI MOA'S and they don't seem to help me, but i do double up on my xanax and klonopin. to get to the wee
step's i am pushing to. i wish i had a mirical answer, affter soooooo many year's of this i don't. but i say again it's the anger i find in me at this point to walk a bit.
weather it's doubling my xanax and konopin it is. all my best to you keep pushing.
good luck keep the fight up.

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10-31-2007, 08:36 AM
:) hiya, I'm exactly the same as you and no ssri anti-deps have helped with my agoraphobia. So a doc put me on a different type of anti-dep called tricyclic, 150mg CLOMIPRAMINE and I swear it has worked wonders with me. IT has a mild sedative so it gets me to sleep at night. The only bad thing it has for me is that at first it leaves you with a dry mouth and it increased my appetite so I have to really watch what I eat, I ate junk the first few months of being on it and put on 2 stone :( But as I say, just watch what you eat and you should be ok. It is good for ocd, phobias and agoraphobia. As for your shrink, tell him it doesn't matter what "tag" you've got, the fact is that you are too anxious to go out and you want to sort it. Don't let him/her talk down to you as if you're thick, we have mental health issues but we aren't stupid :) keep us updated xxx