View Full Version : Woo tried EFT today...and I LIKE IT!!!!

09-24-2007, 03:35 AM
So I had my first session of EFT today, I tried to keep an open mind and not enter it with sabotage coz it did sound a bit iffy. But wow, im really impressed, obviosly im not cured at the mo but i watched a couple of memories that were still quite intense for me dissolve away, i still remember them but they arent causing intense feelings inside to emember them anymore which is just the oddest feeling. Time will tell of course as its only been a few hours since but if I can move thro some of my more triggery memories and feelings with this gusto than i can see great things for me. I actually managed to eat some food without fear for the first time this week, my food phobia has just peaked out of control lately and last nite i was scared to eat my tomatoes and salad and today i just gobbled them up no problem, I feel so excited and hopeful, and so so SOOOOOO hope it all continues at this pace and isnt just a placebo initial effect!!! WOO im excited WOOOOOOOOO
YAY for me YAY for me lol, :P i feel great!!!!!!

09-24-2007, 04:03 AM

Sooti,,,,,,,I am so very happy for you,,,!!!! Your attitude going into this was great,and I think that does make a big difference,,,,so keep up the good work,, It is a great feeling isn't it??/ FLORENCE :rolleyes:

09-26-2007, 04:15 PM
hey sooti.................i cant help smiling when i read your post. i sooooooo know what you are talking about.

and yeah.....i too tried EFT and believe you me, at the end of every session i would leave feeling so empowered and this feeling would last for a few days......however, my problem was that i never did anything really challenging during this time, just stayed out a little bit longer at the shops.



Some people have achieved amazing results with EFT, have you checked out the website......you can get dvd's and books i believe? www.emofree.com (http://www.emofree.com)
it is based on the original thought field therapy and uses tapping on meridian points to release old memories/emotions and open up the channels so energy flows freely......or summat like that !!!

All the best sooti......keep at it.

09-27-2007, 12:40 PM
Hi Sooti!

I don't know you but I read your post and I'm thrilled you've found something that seems it may work. I just had to add my celebration to your accomplishment! Good job :D


09-29-2007, 05:13 AM
I'm glad u said that chilli, my jumpy wore off about 4 days after and than i tapped a little myself and i felt ok again, it almost gave me too much energy coz i had trouble sleeping and winding down to rest. I was thinking wow ill be able to do whatever if this keeps up and ill try keep in mind to challenge while im feeling good and not waste the energy!!!