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08-16-2007, 04:20 PM
Hello. Have just rediscovered this forum and have some questions. I have specific phobias and wonder whether they are becoming agoraphobia. I have an agoraphobic friend, and we have a lot in common in the anxiety department. Until two years ago, my driving phobia was so severe I didn't drive at all. Then, summer before that, I suddenly overcame that (mostly), but am now afraid to walk my dogs. It's as if one fear has taken the place of another. I drive our dogs to parks and walk them, but the farther away I get from the car, the more panicky I feel. I'm afraid a huge pitbull will suddenly appear and we'll be cut off from escape back to the car. People rush to work and their dogs get out of their garages or kitchen doors or yards. I notice every pitbull attack in the news. I felt this most strongly with my dog who died last April, whom I loved very much and strongly identified with. I was terrified she would be attacked by a loose stray dog and killed. After she died of cancer, I felt so bad that I soon adopted two rescue dogs. Initially, I was OK walking them, but now we've had them a couple of months and are much more attached to them, my terror of a dog attack has come back, focused on the female, not the male. Which is odd, because the female is a much fiercer dog; but again I identify with my female dog and feel she's vulnerable to great danger in the world. I couldn't leave her in doggy daycare recently because she went into meltdown, but I wonder which of us couldn't bear the separation more. I was never able to bring myself to leave my previous dog in a kennel either. I see this sounds like a child with separation anxiety, except for my increasing fear as I move out of sight of my car--my secure place. Also, I don't see anything written about adults with separation anxiety, only children. I think I just don't feel safe out in the world, and feel anyone I'm very attached to is in danger, too. Is that feeling of danger the basic situation for agoraphobics?

08-19-2007, 02:26 PM
Well let me start out by saying that you should certainly see someone about this. While I have a feeling that I know what is going on with you the only way to get a proper diagnosis is to see a licenced practitionor. Certainly not online and what someone thinks of a few paragraphs. I will share my thoughts with you though.
It seems to me that perhaps you are redirecting your fears into you dog which I assume by the way you talk about them that they are your babbies.
As far as you being more worried over the female. I would have to guess that without knowing weather you are male or female and with out knowing any of your history that perhaps something has happened to you and you worry that the female dog will be in a sence violated like you were. Hey I could be totally off base here I hardly know anything about you but that is just a lets say women's intuition that I got from reading your post.
I think one of the first things you need to do is get a specialist on board to help you sort all this stuff out. I personally had some really strange feeling and would do wierd things and finally I sought help and it turned out the things i felt and did made perfect sence becasue i have repressed memories.
Listen this Forum nor the Chat room can Diagnosis or Fix any aliments that you have but it sure can help. Its a great tool when you use it in conjuntion with a licenced prfessionsal.

So Welcome Back.
I'm glad that you have once again found the forum!
I hope to see you in chat soon!

Emma :D