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View Full Version : explaination of what casues dissociative

08-06-2007, 05:02 AM
What causes dissociative disorders?
This is open to argument. Some experts believe dissociative disorders are directly linked to trauma or abuse. Others suggest that they are a result of disruptions to the normal parent/child relationship. Still others believe they come from a disturbance in the stages of childhood development. There is one extremely sceptical view, particularly of DID, that symptoms are just a product of poor therapy with vulnerable, suggestible clients.

There are studies showing that a history of trauma is almost universal for people who have moderate to severe dissociative symptoms. Usually, this is abuse in childhood. But some people may develop PTSD, or more rarely dissociative amnesia or fugue, after a traumatic or extremely stressful experience in adulthood. Children generally have a greater natural ability to dissociate. This ability declines in adults, unless it has become habitual in response to repeated trauma during childhood. However, not all adult survivors of child abuse have a dissociative disorder. Several experts agree that the following factors have to be present for a person to develop the most complex dissociative disorders:

Abuse is severe and repeated over an extended period.
The abused child has an enhanced natural ability to dissociate easily.
There is no adult to provide comfort; the child had to be emotionally self-sufficient.