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View Full Version : dealing with it everyday

08-06-2007, 04:44 AM
I felt that what was happening around me was like a scene from a war movie. I was observing it, not participating in it. I didn’t feel frightened. It all seemed so strange and unreal.’
Bomb attack survivor

‘I watch a body that looks like me, doing things I’m ashamed of. I can’t will myself back into that body. I can’t control its movements, its thoughts, its feelings. I can only watch and feel the shame and fear. It’s alarming to see the newspaper date, five days ahead of the date I know it to be. It’s frightening to “wakeâ€￾ with the razor in my hand, my arms bleeding and yet know I could never cut myself.’
Survivor of dissociative identity disorder

‘I feel like I’ve walked into an X-File. I’m at home; this is my family. I know that’s true. Yet I feel these people are as strangers. I sit down to dinner in a room that seems unfamiliar and yet I know it is the kitchen in my house. A woman scoops potatoes onto my plate and I don’t know who she is. Yet I know the reality is that she is my mother.’
Survivor of derealisation

‘I can see the sun is shining outside, and I notice I’m wearing a tee shirt and shorts, and yet I think it is winter. What happened? Where did the time go?’