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04-17-2007, 09:23 PM
at least he is home now, but my husband was arrested for aggravated battery this afternoon. since i have gotten so crazy he has taken over paying all the bills and everything trying to take some of the stress off me. we are involved in a law suit right now and all of our bank accounts have been frozen for months. when they froze them they returned the check to the electric company so now for the next year he has to drive 50 miles to their nearest office to pay in cash. he forgot to go last week and take care of it so this morning they came and shut it off. we have spoken to them in the past about the fact that we have his elderly mother who has alzheimers and our infant grandson in the house, if they would come to the door first we would pay it, not just pull up and shut it off then leave. so he drove 50 miles and paid the bill, then was informed that there were no supervisors there, he had to drive another 45 miles to the main office to speak to one. needless to say he was rather upset by the time he got there. the man was extremely rude to him and said they were going to raise the amount of the deposit AGAIN. they already have a $1200 deposit for a bill that runs about $300 a month. he went off on the guy. he didn't touch him, just gave him a piece of his mind. they had already had a cop sitting there waiting for him because the first office had called and said he was intimidating. the only person he has ever purposly intimidated was the 28 year old who our 15 year old daughter brought home(made him pee his pants, literally). he is just very large and i am told scarey looking. i know he is a teddy bear.

anyway, sorry i am rambling, now he has to go to court and he has a pretty bad record from when he was much younger. nothing violent, just lots of drug charges. i am just afraid they are going to put him in jail when he goes to court. i will die if they take him away from me. i won't even be able to leave the house to go to the doctor without him. if i don't come in at least once a month they won't refill my meds. and he is my anchor, i can't take care of myself right now, let alone his mother and our kids and grandkids. i haven't even got my social security straightened out yet so would not have any income except from the kids paper route. and our oldest daughter who has her own bills to worry about. she can afford to pull her own weight, but till her divorce goes through she can just barely do that let alone make up for his income. and i NEED him to be even just a little ok. he takes care of me, and even drags me out everyonce in a while. i am scared and don't know what to do.

07-27-2007, 04:12 AM
What a day huh!!!! Just try take it one step at a time, I'm sure they wont send him to jail over such a silly thing, even if he does have an old record.

08-05-2007, 05:10 PM
What a day huh!!!! Just try take it one step at a time, I'm sure they wont send him to jail over such a silly thing, even if he does have an old record.

Wow you have not had it easy this week have you, I too know what it is like to feel as thought you would just die with out your husband.
I have agoraphobia and live in our bedroom closet. my husband is my everthing without him i could not feed myself let alone do anything elts. The thought of losing him even for a day is horrifying we have four children and a house that is run 100% by him. I can feel all your pain my friend and I pray for you that nothing will happen to your ancor your source of streanth. I am so sorry that you have to go threw this and wish you and yours the best of luck,

08-07-2007, 08:12 PM

WHAT A BAD you had, I do hop everything is ok, and your hubbies court case was ok ?

If his criminal record is old this will be taken into account in court and your c***umstances can be used agrophobia,elderly parent, children all caused pressure and unfortunately court case can the court be lieneant.......



I know how important you hubbie is - was married and my partner was my "ROCK" and "ABUSER /BATTER" for 15yrs.

08-10-2007, 09:52 PM
HI lostone...

You really have alot going on right now. I'm sure so many of us can relate to your story. What I think is this...it's obvious he means the world to you. And you must mean that much to him. Because of that, no matter what happens, as you promise to stand by him and he by you, honor that by finding the determiniation to make him proud of you. I hope that doesn't sound harsh and I mean it only in the sincerest of ways. You will help him far more than any relief of burdens, by finding an ounce of strength and holding on to it with everything you have. Sorry if it sounds like I'm preaching, i don't intend for it to sound that way. But I understand far too well about desperate days and such.

I wish only for the best for you and hope that both of you and your family find strength together and ride on the love you speak about...it will carry you through.

Take care of yourself.


08-11-2007, 05:23 AM
they have dropped all the charges which is a good thing since they didn't have anything because he didn't do anything wrong, just growled at someone who deserved growling at.


11-11-2007, 06:08 PM
i know that you posted this a while ago but i sincerely hope that everything in your life is going well. i am new here so i spend a lot of time in chat. i hope to talk to you one day.