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03-01-2006, 08:53 AM
Hi, this is my first time posting here, and im not sure if this is the right place to post. Basically i have a problem with my thoughts.
Ive never been diagnosed with anything and ive never found out if theres a name for my problem. I was wondering if there were others with the same problem and if they were able to overcome it.
My problem is that i have what i call guilty thoughts, i think bad things about the people i love the most and i feel so guilty that i have to confess my thoughts to them. Even if it might be hurtful i tell them because i cant bear to feel so guilty. I feel like they deserve to know what im really like so the can leave me if they want. Sometimes i go through phases were this is really bad.
Most of the thoughts are irrational but i still cant forgive myself for thinking them, its got to the point where sometimes i imagine doing something really hurtful to someone i love like saying something bad about them outloud, and i find it hard to separate my thoughts from reality. I went through a phase of constantly asking people what the last thing i said was.
I realise that i probably didnt say anything but i worry about it so much and panic so much that i cant think straight.
When i get these thoughts i feel really panicky and guilty and depressed as well, i just dont feel motivatd to do anything and cant concentrate on work. At the moment i feel really down even though ive had this problem for about 8 years, i would really appreciate any replies.

06-23-2006, 10:41 AM
Hi Littlegoose,

I understand where you are coming from,I do believe that one of my first panic attacks was a guilt attack. What is working for me is letting go of old guilt and new guilt.Forgive your self for thinking that way and tell yourself it's only thoughts,you don't react to them so they have no power! If you did something bad then go back and applogize but if you only thought it then it's not real.A very nice person who has over come Anxiety said Guilt is the gift that you give yourself and is the gift that keeps on giving! That is so true,it keeps us in this condition.I now with the scary thoughts that we have and some are just aweful that we feel guilty for having them and think we are bad people.And that is not true! People who act on the bad thoughts and enjoy them and it doesn't scare them those are the bad people.Everytime I have a bad thought I say to myself (I am a good person,I am a caring person what is going on in my life that these thoughts are disstracting me from?)Usually there is something else happening that we feel no control over and there for the scary thoughts take over!
Hope you are doing well,take care and hope to hear from you.Mario.